Fascinating Rhythm

Dance School


Make your wedding day memorable with a beautiful first dance to your special song.

You pick the song and we'll choreograph a dance to fit the style and mood of the music.

Whether it be a slow or fast song we will teach a routine to fit your unique personalities.

You may want a formal traditional dance, something fun, or a combination of both, we will create it.

The best length for your first dance should be a minute and a half to two minutes. No matter how dazzling your performance

is, people get restless after two minutes.

You will need a minimum of four hours to learn and memorize the choreography, but really you should plan on eight to twelve hours. It all depends on the difficulty of the routine and how much time you have to practice. So plan in advance. Try not to wait until the last minute, it becomes too stressful, and we want it to be fun!


The Fees

$50 single hour

$180 package of four hours, savings of $20

$25 Extra for choreography (one time fee)

Payable by check or cash

Classes are a full 60 minute hour and totally private

We also teach the father-daughter, and mother-daughter dance.


For more information call



28 Prague Street 

San Francisco 

CA 94112